It’s Back! And of course, it’s one of those more serious than silly episodes, but that’s okay. We’ve missed out on a lot and I am sure that they want to get the story to a certain place before the season finale. I understand/respect/appreciate their efforts very much so. I tend to enjoy these episodes because the characters (with credit to the actors) do have these really deep and intricate sides that we don’t get to see when they’re busy chasing bats out of the office. While this episode was awkward and uncomfortable to the nth degree, I think it was a good and important one to give us a “Okay, this is where these characters are at now” storyline.
Angela and Andy: Did you know that the real Angela is pregnant? I was curious as to how they were going to film a baby bump, but they didn’t! Not once! All night! I find Andy to be one of the funniest characters on the show. And there is nothing that is “more wrong” than Andy and Angela dating. Okay, well, maybe Dwight dating his babysitter, but still. That being said, i am almost positive that “Monkey” is dating Andy in an effort to make Dwight upset and jealous. I don’t think she wants him back, but I don’t think she wants to really date someone as secular as he. Which is hilarious, because that’s only going to get crazier.

Jim and Pam: John, I’m not quite sure what you mean here, because I am utterly in love with the Jim and Pam were getting. Maybe it’s something I’m not seeing, but I thought they were hilariously sweet trying to power through this dinner party together. I love the way that Pam’s face lit up when Jim came out to let everyone know that his apartment was flooded. And Jim and Pam’s separate bathroom confessionals cracked me up. As far as I can tell, all is still good on that front. But have no fear, I am sure that they’re gearing up to throw a wrench in before the season finale. Though in my personal opinion, I’d rather the season not end on a Jim/Pam cliffhanger, though I know it will.

And, of course, Jan and Michael. Jan is absolutely, without a doubt 100% insane. She’s off her rocker nuts and it’s hilarious. As if we didn’t know that the dinner party was going to be uncomfortable, the obsessive pet name calling of “babe” and “honey” was just increasingly unnerving.  I love her “office” and “workspace” and how incredibly well Jim let us know just how terrible those candles smelled. And Michael’s “bed” was tragically awful. I think this is going to be our big story arc for the next 4 episodes and I am okay with that. I was never crazy about Jan, but I find crazy Jan absolutely terrifying. I think she loves Michael, and I think she cares about him and obviously is protective (believing Michael’s lie about dating Pam!) but I think also that she is in love with the idea of being home all the time and not doing anything except being an “artist.” I really want to see Michael’s life on the beet farm, but I know I must be patient. They can’t spoil us too bad too quickly.

What did you think, Kids?