For the millionth time, I am so glad that The Office is back on my Thursday nights. Whew.

Also, that’s two episodes in a row where we have almost intolerable Michael antics. I was shocked, appaled and beside myself with frustration as he went out on the date with the very sweet and very lovely Brooke Dillman. (I bet he would be a lot nicer if her knew that on top of collecting the rent check, she was also a Home Economics teacher to Seth and Evan from Superbad!) I found it hilarious that Stanley “didn’t hate anyone enough” to give Michael their name and number. What the eff, we need a redeeming Michael moment. And fast.

I thought that Kevin and Andy were brilliant. The “Five Families” and Kevin’s threats to quit were cracking me up. I also adore Andy. Potential new favorite character.

But the Big Fish: Jim and Pam!!!

Nervewrecking, folks. Because I just don’t see this ending well at all. Pam loves Jim. She’s in love with Jim, no doubt. But she’s not ready to give up her independence and marry him yet. I was nervous when she lost her smile after he told her he’s going to propose to her, but I became terrified when he told us that he bought the ring a week after they started dating. And when they were walking outside of work, and he pulled the shoe tie line (which, by the way, I have been a personal recipient of by my friend Nick), I didn’t know what was going to happen. I know Pam loves Jim, but I don’t know if Pam wants to marry Jim right now. All I’m saying is that the season cliffhanger will be Pam’s response to the sweetest marraige proposal ever. That’s all I’m saying.

Gahhhh, how much longer until next Thursday!?