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Franta Claus Is Coming to Town

My dearest friend in all of Northern Kentucky has been bitten by the WordPress blog, and I think it would be wise if you scurried over and checked out her musings as they’re beautifully orchestrated and put together.

All my interns are growing up. They now get glocks. This is a big day.


George is on the rise.

Hey, Sports Fans:

My good friend Georges Kahn has always been a fountain of wit and wisdom on many a things, but very specifically sports and the sporting world.

 So, it is with much pride and joy that I let you in on his awesome blog

Check it out, I know I will. Especially when I need advice on my March Madness bracket.

Happy friggin’ 18th Birthday to the best set-o-twins I know, Miss Emily and Mister Clayton Graham!!!

Hope you guys have an awesome birthday filled with things that are now legal (In moderation.).

Love, love, love!

Now that I’ve got not only your attention, but your mom’s, your uncle’s, your sister’s friend’s brother’s nephew’s, too, it’s about time that I explain this pregnancy of Silena’s that’s caused such a stir.

See, it wasn’t a total fib. Just a little one. And pretty much the first of MANY AMAZING, STELLAR, CREATIVE, MIND-BLOWING publicity stunts that I will be pulling once Silena is famous and makin’ the big bucks. And I’ll even do it for free.

Because, you see, our dear Silena is not pregnant in the knocked up sense, more in the theatrical sense. Dear Silena is co-starring in a production of “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” at Moorpark College that opens this February 14th! Where she plays a lady who is in fact pregnant.

Here’s the info: Info! 

So check it out! Take your sweetie for Valentine’s Day and help skyrocket the next big starlet of Hollywood to eternal success and fame!

So proud.


More info as it becomes available, Kids.

Hey, Interns.

I’ve been workin’ hard at not workin’ at all in my lovely week long vacation in good old Los Angeles. It’s been fun and exciting and tiring and excellent.

Fun has been had by all parties and I will soon get around to sharing photos and the like.

The past few days have been filled with friends and family in full holiday frenzy and I’ve definitely been enjoying myself.

I’ve been able to see a few movies that have been on my list and must share little snippets of their goodness with you.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street– This was my dad’s pick for a good, wholesome, family fun flick and being that my family tends to have a general appreciation for both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, it seemed to be a win-win for all parties involved. I thought this film was a lot of fun. Not having known the story of the original play, or any of the music, I was spellbound by Burton’s as always creepy attention to aesthetic details. Depp is phenomenally hilarious and, intriguing and Helena Bonham Carter is a psychotic riot. I was a big fan of this flick, and that’s coming from the girl who would rather do A LOT of things before she watched a musical. However, those who aren’t fans of Burton, Depp or musicals beware.  If you’re not already a fan of Burton and his cinematic stylings, beware. This might be one excruciating blood bath for those who aren’t already on board.

Hot Rod– Holy crap. You dogged this one in theaters, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I did, too and so did the rest of America and I’m kicking myself for it. Seriously, Hot Rod is one of the most absurdly funny movies I’ve ever seen. At times reminding me of Napoleon Dynamite with a moped and others of a really fantastic SNL sketch (go figure), this movie had everyone in my family in stitches over the funny. Andy Samberg is hilarious and I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Bill Hader. I can’t even really describe the movie in a way that’s going to make you want to see it, but the selling point is that if you’re a fan of Samberg and his SNL Digital Short antics (and really, how are you not?), you absolutely must check out this movie. As in, right now.

Juno– LOVED IT! It’s brutally honest and smart, but equally hilarious and sweet. Ellen Page plays quick-witted-16-and-prego-by-George-Michael-Bluth, Juno. Quick witted and adorable, Juno is the coolest 16 going on 35 year old you could ever imagine knowing. After a late-night armchair encounter with her best friend Paulie (Michael Cera), she finds out she’s been accidentally sperminated through a series of pregnancy tests sold to her by Rainn Wilson. Young Juno faces all the challenges of her teen pregnancy, adoption versus abortion, telling her folks the news and eating obscene amounts of food from her school cafeteria, with grace and hilarity and more often than not proves to be one of the only adults on the screen. Her quick wit and smarts on everything from classic punk rock to history makes her easy to fall in love with and adore. Jenny Garner and Jason Bateman play the potential adoptive parents (Vanessa and Mark Loring) and the relationship that blossoms between the Lorings and Juno adds a deeper shade to this otherwise sweet and quirky comedy. All parties involved, well done. Juno delivers on all fronts and truly should not be missed.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday-Paulie Shore and Mr. Bean are my two greatest guilty pleasures when it comes to movies. I am very well aware of the arguments that people have against both of these gentlemen, but truly cannot help but enjoy myself immensely whenever they’re on the screen. Katrine and I have a special bond when it comes to Rowan Atkinson playing Mr. Bean, or any stupid comedic character, and promised that we’d watch this summer’s Bean installment together upon our next reunion. Well, we did and it was hilarious and incredibly entertaining (for us). So, if you like Mr. Bean, do check out this film. If not, don’t, you probably wouldn’t get it anyway 🙂


On this 24th day of December when only the brave venture to the malls and the strong survive the parking lots, I wanted to say that I hope you all find yourselves at home, traveling safely to whereve this place may be, and enjoy those you love most of all.

Los Angeles is being very good to me and I am having the absolute time of times with my friends and family. Photos/stories/movie reviews/Largo gushing coming soon.

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to my Gal Pal Numero Uno and Sista’ from another Mista’ (and Mrs.), Katrine Marie!

Celebrate well, even if you’re at work… And have an extra good time tonight for me. I miss you more than I can even begin to explain and love you even more than that.

See ya soon, Girlie! 🙂


Happy, Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the beautiful girl with the smile that lights up the room and my heart, Silena!

So, apparently my cousin Sari shares a NYC grocery store with Liv Tyler. And I love Liv Tyler!