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Read the entry about Museum Theft, then you’ll understand.


Is it bloody hot and humid where you are, too? Is your air conditioning also being similarly difficult? Are you also waiting for your maintenance man to decide he’s bored and can come fix your stuff NOW? Sheesh. I am. It’s freakin’ killin me, Smalls!

For a long (possibly) awaited Phriday Foto, I bring you a little taste of The Flo (don’t call it that).

We really do have quite the array of wonderful water towers

The Official.

The Artsy.

The Infamous.

To answer your question, “I have no idea.”

Fifty SchruteBucks to the person that can figure that out.

I just noticed this yesterday morning on my way to Starbucks School. It’s on the main road that I have to take to get pretty much any and everywhere.  It makes my skin crawl. Stop pointing at me, Glenn Beck. I don’t like you.

Tonight I’m headed off to the Boone County Fair and I’m sure there will be quite a few photos from that. Stay tuned!

Meet Kermit The Nano!

This afternoon when I was heading out to the wonderful Newport on the Levee for lunch and an afternoon movie, there was a loud knock at my door. Louder than necessary, I thought, but I went to answer it anyway. There wasn’t anyone there, so when I ruled out that it was The Joker coming to get me, I looked down and saw a box placed there by my mailman. The return address was from my brother, Iain, so I opened it an inside I found my birthday/graduation present from him! An iPod Nano! That I named Kermit The Nano! It’s totally cool and exciting and a new toy, so I’m happy.

When I went to my mailbox, it was flooded with birthday cards from home. Even Mookie sent me one! And one from The President. It was exciting stuff, guys, let me tell ya.

Now that we’re not nearly as busy as we’ve been the past few… forever… we can finally start kicking our butts back into gear with this blogging stuff.

So! Check out our first PHRIDAY FOTO in who knows how long!

This is The Hill of the Cross in Antigua, Guatemala. We went there on our last day in Guatemala and it’s a short, yet steep hike to the top, but once you’re up there the view is totally beautiful. That mountain in the background is actually an active volcano that was smoking a bit while we were there!

To see more photos from Guatemala, check out the Flickr page.

Being fully aware of the fact that I’ve neglected this little feature for the past few weeks, what with travel, graduation and finals… I had the best of intentions to bring my camera cord and uploading tools on my little journey and have a little something to deliver to y’all from my journey. Well, leave it to yours truly to completely forget her camera cord and be faced with yet another week of irregular Babble.

But, thanks to the wonderful people over at OfficeTally (I love these folks), I’ve got 20-something F.H. John Krasinski photos to share. (!!!)

Look at the snuggle-ready darling boy!!! 

Tonight, my incredibly hilarious baby brother, Clayton, kicked total butt at his Comedy Sportz match. (Comedy Sportz is competitive improv)

He’s “WASC” Certified.

Clayton and his hopefully-soon-to-be-future-co-communications commisioner, Alex.

Also, Clayton will running in the 800 at tomorrow’s CIF Championship! Totally proud.


In honor of this aftereve’s excellent ASA BBQ, I present to you some of the bonobo pictures.

And of course… The action shot.

Stay tuned to Flickr! More photos of this awesome event are coming soon!

I did not take this picture, but needed an excuse to let you all know that I PICKED THE RIGHT HORSE!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!

Yeeeaaaaaa, Street Sense!

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

This is my favorite photo I took this week:
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Taken in traffic on the way home from a fantastic night filled with food, furniture and fun at:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
IKEA with Silena and our good friend Shelley (right).

Happy weekend, loves!

Speaking of weekend… Kind of… this SUNDAY NIGHT yours truly plans on hitting the hay mighty early in order to wake up super duper early for personal hero STEPHANIE MILLER ON MSNBC MONDAY MORNING!!!!
That’s right! Monday through Wednesday of this week, the lovely, smart, hilarious, and ever fabulous Stephanie Miller will be filling in three days of the recently vacated Don Imus spot!

That being said, this mainly applies to my East Coast pals who might be up at 6-9 in the morning, or will remember to set their TIVOs. I, however, lacking TIVO technology and an apparent need for sleep… will be waking up at 3 and powering through at least a little bit of Momma on the TV Monday morning. Expect a fully groggy bloggy to follow.

Stephanie is part of the Air America line up (check your local listings) and offers the perfect balance of fact, opinion and humor that makes digesting some of the political goings on of our days so much easier.

I’m glad she’s getting this opportunity and hope that it may lead to bigger and better things for her! Rock on, Stephanie. We’re behind you 110%.

(Big thanks to Unpaid Intern John for the initial heads up on this one.)

Well, kids, it’s been two whole weeks and I think I’m finally ready to get back down to the regularly scheduled program.
If you missed it, which you very well may have, I was in Ohio for a little over a week and a half, getting a feel for the place I may very soon be calling “home.” It was an excellent trip and a lot has since come into perspective.

And upon my return I have been making a lot of efforts to regulate the blogspace, but it’s been difficult. School is back in full swing and your favorite full-time student will soon be working 40 hours a week at the Nursery. Seven days a week of either work or school or both will get a little bit rougher, but I need the money and I need to move. Let’s make it happen.

I digress.

I present to you your Welcome Back Kotter Edition of Phriday Foto.

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Tracy, Erica Jean and Brianna, my darling Anthro Amigos that accompanied me tonight on my visit to The Mint to see the wonderful Garrison Starr (more on this later).

We’re gonna make this better. Promise.