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We’re over here.


So, I feel bad.

My formerly diligent, for however short “diligent” may have actually lasted me, blogging career came to a somewhat abrupt stop with the start of this new year. I can probably point to a number of contributing factors, but they’d sound as excuses usually do and I’m not much for those these days. But anyone with any attention to this wee corner of the Interwebs would have noticed that you weren’t getting your fair share off quirky news bits, diarrhea of the mouth political statements and musical and movical recommendations. To be honest, I kind of gave up.

But I like the idea of blogging. Maybe it’s my character, but I enjoy the feeling of the glossolalia of just letting situations and thoughts slide off the tongue and poke at the alphabet soup for a new generation. So, I want to give it another go in another realm, a fresher, hipper fashion that not only incorporates the old, but gives it some of the newness that I am presently experiencing in my life both on and off computer monitor.

So, with these fancy new changes afoot, I find it as good a time as any to introduce to you, ChelseaBabble, Part II. And who knows where she’s headed.¬†Maybe I’m just not meant to blog like the rest of y’all. Which is cool. Which is… cool. But it sure ain’t gonna stop me from trying.

See ya there, Dudes.

Or at the very least, my logos.

Also, tonight *is* the season finale of The Office. So there you go, Silena ūüėČ

A) WordPress got kind of fancy, no? Or at least the editing page underwent a slight metamorphasis. This shall be explored greatly, Friends.

B) I watched Magnolia last night in quite wonderful company. And aside from forgetting that the movie was 3+ hours long, its roots¬†have carried through making today a most interesting one to live through. I’m not expecting frogs or anything, though I believe in the next few days we are expecting an 82% chance of rain. Exodus?

C) Matt found this website today and for any and all ex, current, future baristas, it sounds like it could potentially be an excellent idea.

D) informs us of two very important events, Cadets:

When the sun goes down tonight, step outside and look west. ¬†Weather permitting you’ll see a slender equinox crescent Moon hanging above the rosy glow of sunset. ¬†Framed by the cobalt blue of early evening, the Moon reveals its “da Vinci glow” or Earthshine, a pale impression of the full Moon inside the vivid crescent–a beautiful sight.

Consider it an appetizer for Tuesday. On April 8th, the still-slender crescent passes almost directly in front of the Pleiades star cluster. ¬†Also known as the Seven Sisters, the dipper-shaped Pleiades are visible to the naked eye even from urban areas and they look wonderful through binoculars. ¬†Tuesday evening’s delicate conjunction of Luna and the Seven Sisters should not be missed.

Eyes to the skies, Kiddos.

E) I seem to posess an insatiable craving for Matar Paneer.

Apparently, yes.

And I totally fell for it. Because I’m fully gullible like that.


“How come I only get ten?

Our researchers have concluded that allowing each person more than ten pre-dated emails per year would cause people to lose faith in the accuracy of time, thus rendering the feature useless.”

1. My NCAA bracket has been crushed beyond recognition.

2. I have to work on Easter. Not only that, but I’m in charge today.

3. I woke up with an awful headache.

4. Said headache did not improve upon my arrival at work when I realized that 99.9% of the staff and volunteers we were supposed to have come in today called out because of the fact that it is Easter.

That’s all.

Holy crap. This thing has really fallen off, hasn’t it.

¬†Well, I feel like today is as good a day as any to get it back in gear. For today is DAY ONE back at the filming of The Office. And if my good friends over at Dunder Mifflin Scranton are getting back to work, then I suppose I should, too. So, today is the beginning of a new with you, Blog. Everyday I’ll try and put up something. No matter how mundane or silly it may seem. Yippie!

¬†(On an Office side note, if you haven’t noticed, Angela Martin is VERY pregnant and VERY showing. So, I’m quite curious as to how this is going to play into our remainder season… hmm…)

My friend Aaron passed this along to me because he is well aware of my massive and insatiable girl crush on Tina Fey.

Little did Aaron know that just this past Sunday night I spent a good 45 minutes gawking at a $75 Annie Leibovitz book for which I would do unspeakable things.

Check these gorgeous photos out. Added bonus if you’re a Disney fanatic. I’m not really, but you gotta check it out.


I don’t have nearly the words I wish I had, but John wrote a great piece over on his blog that you should check out.

Anyone who’s ever been to the Santa Barbara Zoo should find this story pretty sad. My mom sent me the article last week, but I completely forgot to post it.¬†¬†

¬†Like I said, there’s little chance that if you’ve been to the SB Zoo that you’ve missed¬† Gemina.¬† I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t there and is always something I¬†visit first whenever I’m there.