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Walking into the museum today, it was particularly nice outside. That kind of weather where you can tell that Spring is just lurking around the corner, ready to pop out and grab us all by the heart.

 And I got SO excited. Because soon. Very soon. I will get to once again live in flip flop sandals. For always and forever. Or at least until it snows again.

(Um, also, HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?!?! They come in like a bazillionty different colors and I LOVE THEM ALL!)


Best. Tan. EVAR!

And just in time for the season.

Can’t wait.

Probably partially inspired by Mindy Kaling’s blog (which is pretty funny if you haven’t started reading it yet. She posts under the alias ‘Mindy Ephron’.), I’m going to start posting on things that I’ve bought, or things that I’d like to buy. Because I can want, but maybe not have. Or should not have.


Here is something I want to buy because it’s cute.

How freakin’ sweet is that! They have lots of others here! Look, look!

In the wise words of my old boss Carol, “It’s good to want things.”