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While my Halloween at work has become unexpectedly very busy, I wanted to stop in and make sure that you’re all having the most excellent of excellent Halloweens!

For some Halloween fun, might I suggest:

Also! I’ve posted my D.C. and Scranton photos on my Flickr page! Captions coming soon! Check ’em out!


Greetings from the Electric City, Dunder-heads!

Tracy and I are currently primping to get ready to head out to the reception and kick-off party for the convention downtown, but here’s a quick update on the trip so far:

I got into D.C. on Wednesday morning and was greeted by my dear friend Tracy. She and her husband, Cameron, just moved to Fort Belvior, Virginia, which is about 12 miles outside of downtown D.C. Their house is beautiful and charming and surrounded by gorgeous trees. We went to downtown and due to some rainy weather did a little sightseeing from the car and then headed over to pick up Cameron from work. Back at their place they cooked me an absolutely delicious dinner of curry chicken salad, Caribbean rice and salad accompanied by a really delicious white wine. After dinner we settled down to watch Phenomenon, that show on NBC that’s like American Idol but for creepy magicians, judged by the creepiest of the creep, Criss Angel and Hans Grueber, I mean Uri Geller. Tracy also made this kind of healthy pumpkin pudding thing that I am officially addicted to.

On Thursday, Tracy and I went to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space and Natural History and Science and then to dinner at this little bar with Cameron after he got off work. We all got the chipotle chicken sandwich and they. Were. Awesome. The Blue Moon was pretty delicious, too. After dinner, we walked up to The Dubliner, this great little Irish pub with some pretty great live music. At the end of the night it was time for home because we had DV-R’d Office waiting for us (write up coming…maybe… soon…) and after that and half of Grey’s Anatomy, I realized there is nothing more in this world I hate more than Grey’s Anatomy.

This morning it was up and out early as we had to drop Cameron off at work on our way out of town and he goes in pretty early. Understandable, I think DC traffic is definitely worse than L.A. It’s just totally awful. So, after that, Tracy and I were up and out of town on our way to Lancaster, PA to stop for some breakfast. We found the most charming and excellent restaurant, Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie. I had a Spanish Crepe and Tracy had the Greek. Totally amazing and delicious and still making my mouth water. After eating, we were back on the road and both realized how much we want to live out in the country where the trees change like they do here. It’s totally beautiful and scenic.

We got into Scranton and after a little driving around we found the hotel where the registration was. AND! As we pull into the parking lot, who do we see but KEVIN! We tried to park quickly, but couldn’t find a spot in time and when we finally made it out, he was gone, but in his place was Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration! Totally awesome. He was swamped and we both really needed to use the restroom, so we ran inside real quick. We were registered by perhaps the sweetest people in the world and signed up for tomorrow’s Office Olympics (wish us luck!) and then headed over to the Steamtown Mall for a little damage, but not much. It was so worth it. And here we are! Ready to head back out to the main hotel and grab some appe-teasers with some fellow Office fanatics. We found a great restaurant for dinner and I think we are definitely heading over to Poor Richards for drinks.  Can’t wait.

So, so far, so excellent! More to come! Stay tuned!

Well, kids, I’m glad it’s raining. I’m not so glad that the museum is humid and smelly and that the sky is falling all around my desk. I’m blocked in by trash cans and disturbed by the constant plop of of the water falling from the ceiling and the occasional dunk from a large piece of tile falling into the bog.

But no bother to any of this! For tonight, I am headed up to Columbus to catch my crack-o-dawn flight to Washington, DC for a few days of sightseeing and fun with my dear friend Tracy. And then it’s off to Scranton! For The Office Convention! Not to return til next Tuesday!!

You can read up more on the convention here, but I am fairly sure that our hotel in Scranton will have internet, so you best believe I will be making an effort to make nightly updates.

Until I get back, be good, don’t fight and feed my fish, Tabetha (I actually don’t think I ever made an official blog introduction to Tabetha. Well, Tabetha is my fish. And she’s lazy.)

And stay safe out in Southern California. I’m thinking of you guys, for sure.

Goodness gracious, Gremlins! Where have I gone?

In case you haven’t heard, I got a job working here. I still work for The Siren, so as you can imagine my work week is getting in the way of time to report back here on all things fun, wonderful and interesting. Though to be fair, there hasn’t been much.

So! Here’s a little FYI on all things blog-worthy

1. We’re going to talk about last week’s Office tonight. I’ve managed to get three hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, but I can’t let that sit there any longer.

2. Happy Birthday yesterday to John!

3. One week from tomorrow I’m leavin’ on a jet plane to attend The Office Convention in Scranton, PA with the lovely Tracy Kay! Pretty much, it’s going to be the most exciting week on the blog, ever. Can’t wait! See ya there!

4. I’ve got a crap ton of photos to get up on Flickr, so when they’re there, I’ll holler and you can check it out.

5. Garrison Starr’s new album. Seriously. Get on that. Discussion coming soon.

Well, kids, the day is here. It´s our last half day in Guatemala and tonight Mrs. Tracy Kay and I will be catching our flight back to Los Angeles.

Antigua has been just as amazing as it was a few days ago, if not more so, and I am actually sad to leave here. I´ll be back someday, hopefully, but until then, you shall be missed.

And we´re off! Adventures to be had and much to see on the tip toe of the last leg of this Grand Adventure.

Til home, ninos…


So sorry that I haven’t been able to post anything thus far! But I have good excuses, I think. (This post shouldn’t yield anything too spectacular, as I need pictures to better illustrate.)

While we were working in La Blanca, the nearest place with cell phone reception and/or internet connection was about 50 miles away in Cotapeque, sooo… I got one trip to the internet cafe and it just so happened to be the slowest internet connection in the world, where my pages refused to fully load and when they did only partially load, it took 20 minutes to get there. It destroyed souls.

Anyway, La Blanca was interesting. Definitely an experience. There were 6 of us doing work in total and Dr. Love, of course, and his daughter Isabel. Days were long, hot, humid, and filled with dirt, sweat, artifacts, more heat and loads more humidity. Constantly sweating, constantly dirty. It was a great learning opportunity and I am glad to have done it, but it was definitely trying and difficult. I’ll have more to add and say when I get home and have a chance to upload and put some captions on photos.

(Speaking of photos… Go to the Flickr page and check out the pictures from The OhKy Trip and Gradchelation, too!)

Anyway, since last week, Lupe, Tracy and I were planning on leaving La Blanca a day or two early and getting a night or two in Antigua before we left Guatemala. But since Dr. Love had to go to Guatemala City on Tuesday, he offered to give us a ride here instead of us leaving us to navigate the very confusing bus routes (A fact I am very thankful for). So we got up here yesterday afternoon and I absolutely love the city. It’s gorgeous, with a lot of buildings from the 18th century and some newer ones that are painted in brilliant teals and yellows and pinks. It’s nestled in the mountains and all the streets are cobblestone with pockets of courtyards and parks filled with fountains and flowers. The white twinkle lights that line the streets at night make it a really beautiful and romantic place to be. We’re staying at the Hotel Aurora, which has adorable rooms and an absolutely breathtaking garden. ( I really want to live in a house that has a courtyard in the middle with a garden like that one. Whew.)

Last night we ate a delicious dinner (I had kind of a veggie soup thing with a tamale and some rice… not too exciting, but I am recovering from a cold that has made my voice say “adios”) and hung out a Reilly’s, “Guatemala’s ONLY Irish Pub” which is worked by a bunch of international students who come here for the summer. My Lonely Planet book said it’s the only place in Guatemala that you can buy Guinness, so I dragged the group over for that, only to discover that they were cleaned out of the Guinness (Our adorable Brit Bartender, who I have nicknamed “Harry Potter” told me that it was because that they “Have to get it from Panama… The Canal.”). Kind of a bummer, but we had a great time anyway and I think have decided that we’ll try and revisit tonight.

So far today we’ve walked around the markets, done a little shopping and I am hoping to visit some of the cathedrals this afternoon. This city is amazing and refreshing and I wish you were all here so you could see it, too. But pictures will be up hopefully sooner than later and you’ll see what I mean.

I miss you guys and am sorry that my internet hasn’t been as frequent as I had hoped, but please let me know what you’ve been up to! I’ll get to comments/e-mails and the like someday, but for now know that I’m sending loads of love from Guatemala.

Much love and talk soon!

Off to Guatemala, Ninos.

If I can snag an internet connection, I’ll be sure to send some updates your way.

But until then… be good, be well, and have fun! Can’t wait to hear stories of all you guys have been up to.

Til two weeks, Amigos!

Kids! It’s been days. And I’ve missed you all terribly, but some things you should know now are:

1. I got an apartment!

2. I got a job!

3. I got 10% off when I returned my rental car on top of the free upgrade I got when I rented it!

4. I leave tomorrow for the earthquakin’ coast of Guatemala.


5. I write to you from the “gorgeous” Dayton International Airport. At this airport they are kind enough to offer you free wireless internet, but aren’t so trustworthy, because sites like Facebook, IMDB, MySpace, and yes, Google News are blocked because they are flagged as possibly containing pornography.

That’s all for now. Long layover in Cleveland and we’ve got quite a bit to discuss.

On the run from Johnny Law… ain’t no 30 minute flight to Cleveland.

One more LEGO story on the blog and it might be time to give those little hunks-o-plastic their own tag.
Either that or it’s going to become customary to do a LEGO post before every time I leave on a trip.

Which brings us to this trip’s LEGOodbyes.

Everyone, meet Nathan Sawaya, artist of these fine pieces of LEGO art. Besides the fine art he also built a fully functional air conditioning unit.

I never had much of the patience for LEGOs, but have always admired people like my friend Gordy, who when we were little had an entire town he built out of LEGOs. Easily 10 feet by 20. Easily. Insane.
I would like to nominate Mr. LEGO Sculpture Designer to be a Real American Hero.

With the start of my summer a mere month away, it is safe to say that this is going to be the best summer ever. We’re talking Wetter, Hotter, Americanner and filled to the brim with action, airports and… archaeology?!
You read right, friends. On June 15th at 12:30 AM, Your Humble Narrator is leaving on a jet plane to La Blanca, a Mid-Preclassic site in Guatemala to do research with one of her favorite archaeology professors, Dr. Michael Love. It’s going to be an incredible experience and I can’t wait to be able to share it with all of you.
I’ll be sure pass more details as I get them, but for now this is what I’ve got, and I wanted to let you all know.

Also, please check out my brother Iain, now blogging on WordPress. It’s not much now, but he’s one of the funniest people I know and the blog is sure to be brilliant.

And! And! And! Awesome.