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And here you have it, folks! The *Official* first photos of the quasi-decorated apartment! [Insert Kermit the Frog style “yaaaaay” here!]

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This past weekend I moved into my very own apartment! As Carla would say, “Nobody lives there but me!” and so far, so good.

But let’s take a look at some pictures to better illustrate Silena and Chelsea’s great road trip and moving in experience.

Meet you after the jump!

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The last few legs of our road trip saw much less internet connection time than I had anticipated, so I apologize for the complete lack of updates… but what you need to know now is that I’m in my new apartment and will update you with stories and photos soon!!!

So far, so good. A little bit of a “funny” smell, but that’s soon to be fixed by an absurd amount of scented candles and Febreze up the wazoo.

Florence is pretty good so far, I don’t think the reality of it all has sunk in yet, so I’m still waiting for that.

Stay tuned for tonight’s Sea Foods: Cooking For One In The New Apartment Edition!!!!

Come visit!

(Please excuse the short and error-filled nature of this post. I don’t think I’ve ever been more sleepy in all my life)

Well, Silena and I made it safe and sound to Katrine’s in Davis. After cramming the car closed, teary goodbyes and errands galore, we finally got into the 4th of July traffic at around 3 and made it to Katrine’s house by 9:30. We just got home from dinner at The Pita Pit, which was freakin’ delicious, and then off to 31 Flavors for $1 scoop night. Yep, life is good here in Davis.

So yes, safe and sound and not much to report except that the 5 smells like absolute death. Disgusting.

Katrine put together a lovely road trip basket that has snacks and a SCAVENGER HUNT that we must complete, so that game shall begin tomorrow. I also think we’re going to start looking for license plates from each state. Oh, the joys of the road!!!

Next stop: Salt Lake City!!!

Well, I’ve been more than tied up since our last post. Upon returning from Guatemala I, got a car (The Mother Falcon. Photos coming soon. And photos from Guatemala, GOSH! I suck!), discovered that I have way too much crap and have been attempting to to pack said crap into the Falcon for a noonish departure time today. So far, not so good, but I did want to take the chance to make sure that I gave you all a brief update.

Last night a group of friends went to White Harte in Woodland Hills for some goodbye laughs, Guinness and Memory Lane strolls. I had an absolutely wonderful time with everyone, severely hurt this morning from laughing so hard, and I realize that I must be one of the luckiest girls in the world to have such incredible people in my life that I am lucky to call my friends. A group of us decided that we’re not quite ready to say our goodbyes yet, so lunch today on our way out is the plan. And as long as I get one more chance to cry tears of laughter into my food from watching George eat, I am so, so, so happy.

I am not at all looking forward to saying goodbye to my family. Just thinking about it now is giving me aches in my heart. They’re the most important people in the whole entire world to me and it’s going to be so incredibly hard not being able to see them whenever I’d like. I can’t imagine not talking Office or Grey’s Anatomy with Emily, or hurting from laughter thanks to the tag team of comedy that is Iain and Clayton. I’m going to miss Emily and Clayton’s track meets and beaming with pride when they finish a race, or read a story Emily wrote for the Courier on the day she brings home a copy and mom brings home fifteen to mail to relatives. I’ll really miss having to ask Clayton for my guitar back all the time, but knowing that it’s good when he steals it because he is a far better musician than I will ever be, and Lillian deserves to be played by someone like that every once in a while. I’ll miss Iain just popping in my room just to say “hi” but always having some crazy brilliantly crafted story about one of his friends that will put me in stitches. You will never meet better people than my brothers and sister. My parents raised them to be the kind, funny and intelligent people that I am madly in love with every day of the year. I got to be a big sister three times in my life and have tried my absolute best to be the role model and the friend they’re all more than worthy of having, one can only hope I’ve served them well.

Emily and Clayton are going into Senior year of high school, a fact that totally blows my mind, and the experiences they’re going to have and the amazing things they’re going to conquer makes me so incredibly happy and proud to be their sister. In the Fall, Iain starts at Ohio State and will be only an hour North of me, which will be the best present ever. He’s my bad ass of a baby brother and OSU isn’t going to know what hit it. These are the three most important people in the world to me. No way around it. I can’t possibly say it another way.

And I’ll miss talking music or current events with Dad and meeting up almost every night of the week to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, knowing that we’re both going to start laughing at all the exact same parts. I’ll miss standing around the kitchen with Mom talking about what we’d heard on NPR or saw on Countdown, or going on errands and just talking with my very best friend. I know that they’re only a phonecall away, but there’s something to be said for being blessed with the most amazing family I could ever even dream of having and not being able to see them every single day, or know that no matter what has got me down, that smiles and all around feel-goodery is living right down the hall.

Now that I am officially water working, let’s get down to the facts:

Miss Silena and I are leaving today after lunch with friends for our journey East that will begin by heading North and spending the night in Davis with the wonderful and lovely Katrine and leaving there early tomorrow morning and hopefully making Salt Lake City. I promise you, as much as one can promise, that I will find ways to update you from the road. Possibly with pictures but most definitely with stories.

And on that note, I need to finish packing my clothes and getting off to breakfast at IHOP with Gabby.

To quote one of my personal heroes, Steve Zissou, “This is an adventure.”

To be continued.

(Have you ever heard the song “Living Without You” by Harry Nilsson? Goodness gracious, it’s beautiful. Please get it. Or let me send it to you.)

Kids! It’s been days. And I’ve missed you all terribly, but some things you should know now are:

1. I got an apartment!

2. I got a job!

3. I got 10% off when I returned my rental car on top of the free upgrade I got when I rented it!

4. I leave tomorrow for the earthquakin’ coast of Guatemala.


5. I write to you from the “gorgeous” Dayton International Airport. At this airport they are kind enough to offer you free wireless internet, but aren’t so trustworthy, because sites like Facebook, IMDB, MySpace, and yes, Google News are blocked because they are flagged as possibly containing pornography.

That’s all for now. Long layover in Cleveland and we’ve got quite a bit to discuss.

On the run from Johnny Law… ain’t no 30 minute flight to Cleveland.

It’s charming! And cute! And woodsy! (Edit: Anyone else read Freakanomics? If I learned anything from the Real Estate chapter, it’s that I shouldn’t fall for apartments that are described as “charming,” “cute” and especially “woodsy.” But really, it is! In the best way possible! It has an olive green wall AND a is surrounded by gorgeous, beautiful woods!!!)

It’s 3 minutes from Hooters! And a fancy pants brand new Wal-Mart!

My move-in date is July 7 (07/07/07!) and you’re all invited over to help me unpack and put things together and bury ourselves in chicken wings.

Kids! Well, Iain and I made it safe and sound to Cincinnati, greeted by thunderous applause and showers of love from the Heavens. Literally.

All is well so far. Aunt Mary, of course, had a giant meal and lots of family (Cousins Neil, Rick, Zev and Nia and “Aunt” Isabel) waiting for us when we pulled up and I’m still totally full of bagels, fruit, cobbler and egg dishes galore. After the opening ceremony to the Cinc-eat-natti Fest 2007, Iain and I did a small driving tour of the area and came back here so he could nap and I could shower and continue to convince Aunt Mary that I’m still not hungry.

 Not much else on the agenda so far except the Reds game on Friday. And again, so sorry for the lack of anything substantial. But I did want to go ahead and check in. I haven’t forgotten about you, haven’t met another blog and you should have no fear that I would ever cleave you.  I think it’s just that now school is over, there is nothing to procrastinate from. But have no fear, we’ll find something.

Hope all is well and wonderful with all you Unpaid Interns out there.  Haven’t talked to nearly any of you in days so I hope all is well and that you know I miss you terribly!

Don’t give up on our little blog, guys. The Little Blog That Could shall press on to victory! Once I’m back in action, that damned and terribly idiotic CHEEZBURGER site will have nothin’ on us.

 (PS- If any of you U.I’s are dying for a project handed down from Yours Truly, you’ve got one: The good people at OfficeTally posted this storythat discusses a certain Office writer/co-star/executive producer’s newest gem released to the iTunes community. Since I am sans chelseaTunes for at least the next week, I don’t really have a way of getting to said gem. So. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to iTunes and listen to that little treat and tell me all about it so I may laugh and count the hours until myTunes and I are reunited.)

One more LEGO story on the blog and it might be time to give those little hunks-o-plastic their own tag.
Either that or it’s going to become customary to do a LEGO post before every time I leave on a trip.

Which brings us to this trip’s LEGOodbyes.

Everyone, meet Nathan Sawaya, artist of these fine pieces of LEGO art. Besides the fine art he also built a fully functional air conditioning unit.

I never had much of the patience for LEGOs, but have always admired people like my friend Gordy, who when we were little had an entire town he built out of LEGOs. Easily 10 feet by 20. Easily. Insane.
I would like to nominate Mr. LEGO Sculpture Designer to be a Real American Hero.

My bags are (not) packed and I’m (not) ready to go, but I just wanted to take a quick minute to announce my much delayed return to Southern California this evening.

This has been an absolutely awesome trip and has really given me more reasons to stay than I can think of to leave (one being that I gotta finish up that whole school thing. [Don’t worry, I miss you all, too]). I’m harvesting a plan right now that might make a lot of things work for the better and would put me Midwested by Mid-June. More details on this later.

This feels right. And as nervous and scared it all makes me, I know that this is going to be better for everything. Right? Right.

Oh, Midwest, you’ve stolen my heart yet again.

(Unrelated note: Aunt Lynn, Brian, Bradley, Grandma and I ate at Hong Kong Buffet (Reason 28392 I’m moving) for lunch today and there was just the most incredible display of Engrish everywhere you looked. It made me smile and laugh, and for the most part I kept it to myself, but it was difficult. Oh, was it difficult.)